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Power your communications with variable data printing. Your customers aren't all the same, so why talk to them as though they are. Use the power of data to customise your message, images and graphics to send relevant messages to your customers and increase engagement.

"digital print and variable data integration enable marketers to increase a marketing campaigns ROI"

Research consistently shows that personalisation and customisation – making relevant offers to customers and prospects, has a much higher return than generic print and messages.

Recently the speed to market and lower overall cost of online campaigns has cast a shadow over the viability and future of print as a marketing tool. However, you now need to be able to talk to your customers across several channels. Which means that there is definitely still a place for print and although email can be cheaper and quicker to market UK figures show that direct mail has a response rate of 4.4% compared to 0.12% for email.

"The average letter has a life span of 17 days compared to 2 seconds for an email"

When you combine the significant improvements in digital print speed and quality with variable data printing, marketing professionals can communicate with their customers with a premium product at a fraction of the cost of traditional print. The result, more engaged customers willing to interact and purchase and great ROI.

What is variable data printing?

So, what exactly are we talking about? If you have been diligent in your customer data collection, if you have been collecting customer surveys and recording your customer likes and dislikes. If you know your customers behavior and buying habits, then you have a gold mine of information at your fingertips that if properly managed and collated can reap amazing financial rewards for your business. If you don't then it's time to start.

If you understand your database you can create marketing pieces that are customised and personalised, each piece looking as if it's been personally designed and printed for each customer. Using the data you have collected on you customers and prospects you can use variable data printing to segment and personalise your direct mail piece according to each the recipient's buying habits, interests, location, language, age, family status, hobbies and interests or any other relevant information you have in your database.

Customisation can range from unique salutations, text, special offers, photos and graphics, to QR codes, coupons, tracking numbers and even personalised landing pages (PURLS).

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