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From the time we are briefed on your job to the time of lodgment with NZ Post, our experienced Orangebox account managers ensure that your direct marketing campaign is prepared to qualify for the lowest possible postal rates.

"managing and maintaining accurate customer data"

We provide complete direct mailing services including mail preparation, mail processing, data processing, list maintenance, SOA (statement of accuracy), addressing, inserting, hand processing, fulfilment and postal logistics.

We partner businesses, non-profits and charities, to unlock complex data so that it can be used to power your business forward in ways that you could only have imagined.

We provide services for capturing, managing and maintaining accurate customer data. We help you drive more value from your client relationships and improve your strategic marketing campaigns.

Orangebox database services

Database quality and accuracy

Make sure that your data is working for you. We offer services to get ensure your mailing data meets the standards set be New Zealand Post, not only to ensure that you get not only the highest discount, but that it also gets to its destination.

Over 400,000 New Zealanders move each year and we can help in touch with your customers by updating your database against the NZ Post Change of Address file. Other services include removing prospects who have registered on the Marketing Associations Do Not Mail list and flagging deceased recipients. We also offer a full range of deduplication, case correction and data cleansing services.

Once your data is squeaky clean and ready to go we can issue a Statement of Accuracy (SOA) to verify it meets NZ Post requirements, saving you money on your postage.

Database Insight and data analytics

Data analytics and insights give you a better understanding of your customers behavior enabling you to Identify new prospects, re-engage lost customers and incentivising, educating and up-selling existing customer, giving them more reasons to purchase and engage with you.

We use your data to uncover new revenue-generating opportunities.

What is an SOA?

A Statement of Accuracy (SOA) reflects the percentage of addresses in a mailing list or database which are valid matches against the Postal Address File (PAF). The more addresses validated against it the bigger the discount. As an accredited data service provider we can help you to achieve the best postal discounts.

Contact us for a free consultation so that we can work with you to make sure your next mail campaign is a success from start to delivery.

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