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The Mission

Reward loyal New World customers with special Christmas offers that would entice them into stores.

The Outcome

Thrilled customers, excited New World staff and stores reporting record days all added up to store owners sharing their excitement and achievement with Head Office. Of course Head Office were thrilled by the huge success, and that it was all delivered on-time and to budget.

What We Did

  • Part of core project team from project inception. We provided advice and support for artwork design and data complexity to help minimise costs.
  • 250,000 highly personalised invitations
  • Managed a massive data set, which included individually targeted offers based on each customer's individual shopping habits and the New World store that they shopped at. i.e. if the customer had purchased cat food previously, one of the reward offers would be for cat food.
  • Critical success factors were:
    • complex data management (over 750 variations driving over 140 store events, individual voucher offers - text and graphics)
    • sparkling digital colour print
    • stringent quality control process - seeking approval from all parties and tracking each and every store mailing through the production process - from data programming to leaving on the Post truck.
    • a very specific lodgement timetable (to ensure every store had the best turn out possible on the day).


The Mission

Increase customer engagement and activity with an enhanced creative concept with increased personalisation.

The Outcome

A highly successful campaign delivered on time and on budget. Correct production care, supplier relationships and suitable packaging made this campaign a success. When we say 'anything is possible', we mean it.

What We Did

  • Printed 39,847 'Beauty Books' on high-quality shells with personalised outer covers
  • Individually customised tactical offers, based on store details and relevant customer segments (e.g. Fly Buys or Life Card)
  • Created an extra VIP version that included an additional tactical insert
  • Critical success factors were:
    • maintaining batch and postcode order throughout the finishing process
    • seamless wrapping of the books to enhance the creative appeal of the finished DM
    • effective management of third parties to ensure their part of the execution was meticulous throughout


The Mission

Raise consumer awareness of Boundary Road's new cider with "The Great Kiwi Honesty Test".

The Outcome

Social media channels buzzed with conversation surrounding Boundary Road's foray into the cider market. The campaign was hugely successful in developing awareness of the new brand and driving sales.

What We Did

  • Produced all print and packaging elements and co-ordinated the final despatch of the Honesty Boxes once survey results came through and lucky recipients were identified
  • Critical success factors were:
    • managing all aspects of print and fulfilment required for the Honesty Boxes to be sent to prize-winners
    • highly creative, customised boxes and letters couriered to the lucky recipients
    • working with suppliers to find suitable packaging and ensure the campaign received the correct production care


The Mission

Win back and acquire new customers via a series of campaigns, set up at two levels - high value and low value - and segmented into four groups.

The Outcome

This became our client's most successful campaign to date. All components were lodged successfully and on time, despite a very tight deployment schedule.

What We Did

  • We completed two rollouts for this campaign, with three different campaign themes. The first being 2 high impact teasers, a sales letter revealing the offer and a follow-up postcard. The second was an 'all-in-one' pack, with similar components, but sent out as a DM
  • All packs and offers were customised by targeting based on the customer value level
  • Worked with the design agency to help create three-dimensional and hand-assembled, specially designed teaser packs. These varied from chocolate fish, stars and key cookies to rocket/fish soaps and pop-up houses
  • Worked with the client to explore packaging options, walk them through NZ Post requirements and helped source hard-to-find items from specialty retailers
  • Critical success factors were:
    • effective time management. Timing was crucial to ensure that each component was deployed on the right day
    • segmentation of the data file, based on whether a customer was top (high/low) or average (high/low)
    • the design of all packs, which ensured they would meet NZ Post layout and production specifications for bulk mail
    • hand-matching offer codes to ensure the right messages and offers got to the right people, with tracking information that allowed every response to be tracked down right to the household level

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What our clients say about us

Alla Brown
Marketing Services Manager,
Foodstuffs New Zealand

"Working with Orangebox has been a fantastic experience. The team at Orangebox make every job I brief them in a breeze, they are very creative and always come up with original solutions for campaigns. One of the key requirements for us as a business is to be able to get campaigns out in market very fast and the team at Orangebox have never failed me."

Jo Burrows
RedEdge Fundraising Solutions

"The difference between a supplier and a partner is about customer service and sharing of vision and the workload. Orangebox are a partner in my company and I couldn't do what I do without them. The team are always willing to support each job and campaign and I enjoy working them and value them not just for their competitive pricing."

Miranda Cook
General Manager,
AA Life

"When you call on Orangebox nothing's too much trouble. Anything's possible and it's always such a pleasure doing business with any member of the team. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat."

Carolyn Mettrick
National Fundraising Manager,

"Fast, flexible and fun. Nothing is ever an issue and they will always let me know if there is a better way to do things."