If you can stand on one foot, count backwards to 100 and type at the same time, we think you've got what it takes.

If you can stand on one foot and balance a ball on your nose, you're probably a seal and therefore not much use to us at all.

At Orangebox, we have worked hard to create a fun and enjoyable workplace for our staff.

We may ask you to dress up occasionally, bake or participate in some awesome group activities, but don't worry, we promise we'll only post the best pictures on Facebook.

When we have a job vacancy it will be posted below, but in the meantime feel free to still send your CV to

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Our Team

We have offices in both Auckland and Wellington. We understand speed to market is a priority for most clients and we often allocate projects across our two facilities to make them happen.

Our team are a friendly lot, so feel free to drop them a line.

Auckland Branch

Thomas Subritzky

Auckland Director

Thomas has been in the industry for over 18 years, having worked in all aspects of the business from data to delivery and everywhere in-between. He loves the industry and has a voracious appetite for discovering the latest trends in DM which helps give Orangebox (and our clients) an edge. Leading the Auckland team, he can be often heard on the phone to the Wellington office, skiting about the weather up north. Even though we all know that it rains most of the time...

Tricia Pink

General Manager Auckland

Tricia has held senior roles in sales and marketing for over 20 years. Her great skill is in fostering fantastic client relationships and she has been largely responsible for steering the significant growth Orangebox has enjoyed in Auckland. Tricia's passion for the industry is contagious - she can often be heard squealing with delight over a beautifully crafted DM piece. And you thought we just used ear plugs in the production area.

Wellington Branch

Stephen Bennett

Wellington Director

Steve has been working in the Direct Mail industry in New Zealand and internationally for more than 20 years. He is passionate about the ongoing development and innovation of our data capabilities, tools and services to keep pace with our industry and of course most importantly, our client's needs. Steve heads up the Wellington office and is a passionate supporter of all things Wellington - and yes that includes an enduring blind faith when it comes to supporting the Hurricanes.

Richard Tabram

National Technical Services Manager

Richard leads our nationwide technical services team. He has extensive database communications experience both in NZ and the UK having joined the industry in 1981 (Yes they had databases back then). Prior to moving to New Zealand in 2003 he was director of the data services division of the UK's largest Direct Mail specialist. He has a passion for building customised software solutions to meet customers business needs including data processing, on-line stock management and fulfilment systems. He's a long term supporter of West Ham, which means he is a very patient man.

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Our Branches

Office: 6 Te Kea Place, Rosedale, Auckland 0632
Post: PO Box 302-324, North Harbour, Auckland 0751
Tel: (09) 415-3699   Fax: (09) 415-1361
Office: 17 Toop St, Seaview, Lower Hutt 5010
Post: PO Box 38-622, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045
Tel: (04) 576-2035   Fax: (04) 589-5208